Every B+E test takes approx. 1.30 mins to complete.  B+E tests are only conducted at HGV (bus & lorry) driving test centres. We use the Canterbury lgv test centre primarily.

At the start of the test you will be required to read a number plate to check your eyesight. You will then be asked a number of Questions about the safety of your vehicle & trailer.

We issue all our pupils with the "Show Me Tell Me" Questions.  

You then have to complete a reverse manoeuvre.  The road drive will include an independent driving session. Upon return to the test centre you will need to demonstrate the uncoupling and re-coupling procedure.

Let us teach you how to perform the "S Maneouvre" (which you have to be able to do).  We will explain the techniques of safe reversing and all the safety checks you will need to know.

Our Trainer will teach you how to carry out your lighting checks and the order in which you will have to couple and uncouple the trailer when you are on test.

Do not underestimate the standard of driving that you will need to achieve to be successful in the test. The majority of drivers that fail the B+E test do so because their road driving skills do not meet the required standard.

If you make mistakes on test the crucial issue is not to worry, the mistake might be less serious and may not affect your result. The examiner is looking for an overall safe standard of driving.