*** STOP PRESS*** The much anticipated reopening of the Test Booking Service has proved disappointing.  We were restricted to booking 1 test appointment.  Follow through has enabled us to book 1 more test today (8 July).  

We will continue to book tests and advise you "our customers" of test availability.  It is anticipated that more test slots will become available on a daily basis.  Lastly, the good news, if you are on our waiting list, is that the general public are unable to book tests at this time.

B+E Tests will be available w/c 13th July 2020.  

If you wish to join our waiting list please contact us on 07876052134 or on our contact page.  Priority will be given to customers who have had tests suspended and we will contact them during the next few days.  However, there is a high probability that we will merge new customers into the dates we make available with our existing list.

CARAVAN SESSIONS will resume July 6th for customers not needing the B+E entitlement who intend to use their caravans for staycations.  We have a list of enquiries, however call us and we will work on a first come first served basis - (bookings line 07876052134 opens tomorrow 26 June) from 8am.

Please read the information below as caravan sessions and B+E sessions will be conducted under strict safety protocols as advised by the body governing driver training.

A significant change we will have to embrace will be the restriction on our 2 to 1 (2 candidates to 1 instructor) training sessions affecting B+E and caravan sessions. 

Another hurdle affecting customers will be the limited number of tests available to book. 

  • This will be due to less examiners (at threat from the virus) therefore restricted working.
  • There will be less daily tests to ensure that safety protocols are observed.
  • Prioritisation of all the cancelled test appointments throughout lockdown.  This will restrict the number of tests available to recent applications.  
  • Given the issue raised above, failure to pass the test is likely to result in a very lengthy waiting time for a retest, whereas previously it could be 4-5 weeks wait, we anticipate a 4-5 month wait.  Candidates therefore have to give themselves the best possible chance of passing what is a difficult test to pass.
  • We have already carried out a Risk Assessment and have procured the relevant PPE to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the safest possible environment when we return to work.  We will be practising all recommended safety protocols.

In the meantime, Stay Safe

Kim McGhee

Director - Kent Trailer Training Limited